Drywall Repair San Antonio


Drywall Repair San Antonio

Preparing the surface is the first step to accomplish a perfect paint job. If it not given the same level of attention as the painting itself, you’re going to experience damages earlier. Not only for painting but our drywall repairs in San Antonio can also be hired to make your drywalls look impeccable.

Generally, the drywall damages range from small to medium and large. For each of the type, there is a different technique. The following are the techniques to get the best and long-lasting results.

For small hole repair, first, we clear the insides with a poking device and fills all the little holes with painter’s putty. Later, we sand the surface with a small grit sander and its done.

For medium holes, we clear the area first and install a metal drywall patch over it. After pasting the piece, we cover it with the joint compound and smoothen it by sanding at the end.

For a considerable hole, a patch replacement of 2/2-foot drywall piece is performed. The area around the damage is cut to the same size for a perfect fit. If there no studs behind the wall, we’ll attach one beforehand. The final piece is then screwed onto the stud and sealed with the same joint compound and smoothened.

Our drywall repairs in san Antonio also provides replacement of the whole drywalls panel if the damage is beyond repair. This will assure that the paint with not patch or peel earlier and the client will enjoy seamless interiors for longer.



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